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    International Coalition of Sites of Conscience

    The Museum’s involvement with the International Coalition of Historic Site Museums of Conscience (rebranded as the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience) has provided an invaluable support mechanism for engagement with the physical site of District Six. It has served as a forum bringing together the experiences of various sites of trauma. The Museum has been part of formulating a framework for engagement, captured in the declaration which member sites are invited to underwrite:

    • We represent historic site museums in many different parts of the world, at many different stages of development, presenting and interpreting a wide variety of historic issues, events and people. We hold in common the belief that it is the obligation of historic sites to assist the public in drawing connections between the history of our site and its contemporary implications. We view stimulating dialogue on pressing social issues and promoting humanitarian and democratic values as a primary function. Whether it interprets great good or great evil, whether it preserves a cultural or an environmental resource, a historic site has unique power to inspire social consciousness and action. By opening new conversations about contemporary issues in historical perspective, historic sites can become new town halls, central to civic life and democracy. A site of conscience makes a commitment beyond its conventional role as a museum by interpreting history through historic sites.