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    Umbon’ Omhle

    Umbon’ Omhle is a youth organisation based in Langa. The organisation teaches music, film, sound, dance, cooking, horticulture, poetry, debate, drama, visual art, sport, community campaigns and organisational development. The vision of the organisation is to see a safer and more self-reliant Langa. Through the practice of nurturing and mentoring for individual and community growth, we want to empower young people by providing them with skills that they can use as a source of upliftment and as a means to support themselves, their families and their community. We wish to create new possibilities for our community through the provision of programs which would otherwise be too expensive to study at higher educational institutions.
    In combining these skills with value systems that focus on the human spirit, we hope to encourage a new set of cultural practices which will enable members of the broader community to place their humanity at the heart of all interactions. We believe in the development of all creatures, including the development of mother Earth.