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    The District Six Museum is the perfect extension of the classroom. Wonderful visuals, oral testimony, documentaries, audio-visual materials - and last but certainly not least, the knowledge of ex-residents: our Education Officers offer personal tours which pupils love.

    Noor Ebrahim and Joe Schaffers continue to introduce learners, young and old alike, to the history of District Six, apartheid and forced removals.

    We recommend that learners not be younger than 10 years old, and that groups are restricted to a maximum of 40 learners. Education Programmes are available from Monday to Friday from 10h30, and last for approximately 1 hour. Longer programmes and workshops that include a tour of the actual District are available on request. We recommend you email education@districtsix.co.za for workshop requests or contact Zahra Hendricks: reception@districtsix.co.za to book a District Six site visit.

    Tour fees are R5.00/ learner.
    Workshop fees are negotiable - materials/costs/special programmes with partner organisations are negotiable and we encourage schools to approach local businesses / ex-learners / government organisations to enable the participation of learners in the interactive programmes that we offer.

    District Six Museum currently does not offer packaged online resources for teachers to use in classrooms. We hope to find the necessary support to develop our online presence in this way soon.

    At present, it is recommended that teachers arrange a visit to the District Six Museum Resource Centre and / or schedule a meeting to discuss how best to meet your curriculum needs at the District Six Museum. We offer a general visit suitable for Primary School (Grades 3 – 7) as well as for all high school learners. However, we are able to customise programmes to support most learning areas and not just Social Sciences or History.

    Most of our work with learners are focused and intensive Learning Journeys, where learners get to explore a topic from a range of themes: Apartheid; forced removals in District Six, South Africa and internationally; the Group Areas Act and identity; the life and culture of District Six; memorialisation; the heritage of resistance; the writers of District Six; the sites of District Six and the Cape Flats / townships; amongst others.

    We also offer Learning Journeys where learners get to experience and sharpen their skills in research; oral history; digital storytelling; photography; writing; performance and visual art & design; amongst others.

    Email: education@districtsix.co.za for more information

    Please view our procedures for booking a school visit to the District Six Museum.

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    group visits

    Gallery: Learning journey

    Learning Journey:
    A typical introductory session using ‘speed dating’ for participants to warm up to each other.

    Learning Journey:
    Group collaborative learning.

    Learning Journey:
    Group working on research task with support from a resource person.

    Learning Journey:
    A basic Talking Wall

    Learning Journey:
    Participants re-energise after a lunch break

    Learning Journey:
    Mid-project display of oral history research concept and plan

    Learning Journey:
    Mid-project display – Chad Crowley receiving feedback from a District Sixer

    Learning Journey:
    Mid project display – Malusi Mbidlana receiving feedback from Bill Chafe, Duke University Professor

    Learning Journey:
    Presentation of conceptual plan by learners

    Learning Journey:
    Presentation of group work

    Learning Journey:
    Performance presentation of individual research