• Current Exhibition

    Ville Olaskari, Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture
    Kaisa Illukka, Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture

    Shaping a Shared World

    A collaborative Arts, Design & Technology students’ exhibition between Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland and Cape Peninsula University of Technology

    This joint exhibition is an interpretation of the ten megatrends towards 2020. It is based on and inspired by the 2013 exhibition of Aalto University’s annual graduation show Masters of Aalto in Helsinki, Finland, curated by designer Arni Aromaa. This exhibition responds to the question: “How can we create the future we want?” It showcases the innovative works from two Higher Education Institutions – one from the North and the other from the South. From two World Design Capitals: Helsinki and Cape Town.

    As our world is constantly screaming out its needs and wants, it reveals an endless stream of moral dilemmas, opportunities and tough challenges. How do we make the right call, build the right things or plant the right approach? These are the questions that have shaped our exhibition. The answers from both Aalto University and Cape Peninsula University of Technology graduating students are as wildly diverse as they are on point. Dismantling the false barriers between science, design, art, politics and a myriad of other disciplines means arming oneself with formidable resources to transform the world. These students are already shaping the future – and you can see the seeds of revolution right here.

    WELLSPHERE: explores how we might more effectively heal our bodies and our environment
    – and how these two things may be much more integrated than is currently understood.

    Olli Nevalainen
    Anssi Krooks
    Luciano John Paul Wegmershaus
    Kaisa Illukka
    Katharina Susan Barth
    Lucinda Jane Dabbs

    ME AND WE: asks how creative and production processes themselves are changing – across design, business and technology sectors. At the heart of this is a seeming contradiction: We are both more “free” to act individually, and also ever more engaged with complex global networks of people and organizations.

    Karoliina Halsti-Ndiaye
    Chanel Sophia Oosthuizen
    Salonen Juha
    Clara Ndeli Mupopiwa

    OLD AND NEW – FAST AND SLOW: raises the issue of whether we are carrying the right “things” from our past; those that will most help us succeed in the future. As life continues to speed up, when does speed become a bad thing?

    Molla Mills
    Carmen Collocott
    Ville Olaskari
    Devan Feyt

    URBAN AGE: investigates the possibilities – and the dangers – emerging from our increasingly dominant and interconnected mega-cities. What is gained – and lost – if London and Shanghai begin to work and feel the same way?

    Lasse Lecklin
    Tiina Koivusalo
    Maria Uys

    NEW RULES: explores what the emerging global standards are for commerce and prosperity – and what their impacts may be on every aspect of the shared way forward.

    Katja Sorvali
    Tim Bond
    Naomi Ncube
    Santeri Vanhakartano
    Neil de Vos

    Graphic Design
    1st year Industrial Design
    Surface Design

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