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    Tramway Road Exhibition - 1997

    The Tramway Road exhibition was opened on 24 October 1997. The idea for the exhibition came about when Michele Paulse, a PhD student at the University of Cape Town, approached the Museum to do an exhibition on the story of the Tramway Road community in Sea Point. This coincided with the 75th anniversary of the Anglican Church in Tramway Road.

    Tramway Road was one of the first communities to be forcibly removed from the slopes of Table Mountain under the Group Areas Act of 1950 before the destruction of District Six in 1966.

    The Museum saw an opportunity to not only broaden the story of forced removals, but also to connect more than 40 other sites 1f forced removal in Cape Town.

    This exhibition formed part of the Museum's 'Beyond District Six' project, and was housed in the gallery space from 1997 to 1998.