• Past Exhibitions

    The 2000's

    Huis Kombuis Design and Craft Memory Project - 2006

    The Huis Kombuis Design and Craft Memory Project was launched in March 2006. It was conceived as a transformative space where memory is performed and creatively re-appropriated through reviving traditional home based crafts like embroidery, sewing and appliqué work.


    Forced Removals, Migrant Labour and Identity in Cape Town - 2008

    The Lwandle Migrant Labour Museum is a memorial to the system of migrant labour, single sex hostels and the control of black workers through the identity document which controlled the lives of black South Africans under apartheid- the infamous pass book.


    Living Legends of Elsies River - 2008

    A group of local Elsies River youth took part in an initiative to research and documents the living heritage of some Cape Town communities. The project was collaboration between the Museum and ComArt, a community based organisation in Elsies River.


    Fields of Play - 2008 / 2012

    The origins of Fields of Play: football memories and forced removals in Cape Town are to be found in the work done for the landmark sports exhibition (Dis)playing the Game (1997), and the methodologies developed during the inaugural exhibition Streets: retracing District Six which preceded it in 1994.